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Client Testimonials

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Nothing is really more important to our success than the success of our clients.

As such, we are grateful to each and every one of them for placing their trust and confidence in our ability to provide timely, cost effective and value-added solutions whenever that special need arises.

Located here are just a few client testimonials:

“Our organization hired TCDS (Scott) to develop streamlined “total rewards” solutions linking market-based pay to career development pathways within our variable incentive plans for a variety of key roles, including sales groups, to help us achieve higher employee engagement levels in support of our company’s strategy. We have been very pleased with Scott’s design and implementation approach in regards to these projects and highly recommend him for similar projects at other organizations that can benefit from his extensive compensation planning and design experience and expertise.”   RGIS, January 2020

“TCDS, though its Principal Consultant and Managing Director, Scott Trumpolt, acts as a trusted advisor on a host of compensation/total rewards projects for my Company in the U.S.  Scott is always seeking the most practical ways to customize solutions that fit our particular business needs.”  As such, I highly recommend his services on projects both large and small, where and when his deep and proven expertise and experience can be properly leveraged.”            Bureau Veritas, April 2019

“Our Company engaged TCDS (Scott) to develop a streamlined, “total rewards” solution linking market-based pay structures to career development pathways to help us achieve higher employee engagement levels in support of the Company Business Mission.   We have been very pleased with Scott’s design and implementation approaches on our large-scale project, which reflect both flexibility to meet our business needs and discipline to ensure that we stay true to our compensation philosophy. We highly recommend Scott for similar projects at other firms that can benefit from his extensive compensation planning, design and implementation expertise.”                                                              Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions, March 2019

“Scott Trumpolt is an impressive compensation consultant. He developed a customized compensation structure for our company with all the necessary in-house tools, and delivered a very informative, day-long workshop to our entire Human Resources team. His work helped us gain clarity of compensation-related strategic objectives, while also providing the framework for updating our Job Description library in an effective, informed manner. I would recommend Scott for any compensation-related consultancy and training.”  Nutranext, October 2017

“Scott has done a great job with us to design and implement a market-based pay grade and compensation structure in the U.S. and is currently working on doing the same for us in China and the U.K.  He has also been a valuable partner working with the HR  team on all compensation matters and supporting the Compensation Committee with market data and executive compensation recommendations.”   Accudyne Industries, April 2015
“I hired Scott as a consultant to create a Job Architecture System for my current employer.  Scott impressed me with his comprehensive compensation knowledge and his customer service orientation.  Scott always strove to understand the nuances of my business and incorporate industry “Best Practices” to build a customized solution. I would highly recommend Scott’s services on any and all compensation related projects”  Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc. April 2013
“Scott is a true Compensation Professional who genuinely enjoys practicing his craft. I have asked Scott to assist me on several important and urgent projects and each time Scott has produced excellent results, on or ahead of schedule and exactly what I needed.  Scott’s work is characterized by his exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge, thoroughness and ability to execute on his commitments”  TRAC Intermodal, July 2013
“During a period that my organization was pinched for time, Scott came through–delivering sound analysis and great project results more quickly than expected. Scott’s friendly and down-to-earth style makes for a great working relationship.  I recommend Scott’s services without reservation.”  Momentive, November 2012

“We recently hired Scott to conduct a through review of our current U.S. Pay Structure.  Scott did an outstanding job and delivered the project on time.  He provided us with recommendations that made business sense.  He is an outstanding consultant and I highly recommend Scott’s services.”  DHL, August 2012

For more testimonials on Principal Consultant, Scott Trumpolt, check out the linkedin profile here.